Muslims Told to Vote Communist

I think not
Rome, 5 April (AKI) - The secretary general of Italy's largest Muslim organisation, the Union of Islamic communities in Italy (UCOII), has called on Italian Muslims to vote for the Party of Italian Communists at the general election. Hamza Piccardo sent an email late Tuesday to Muslim centres saying that the party's leader Oliviero Diliberto had been sensitive to the needs of Muslim inmates when he was justice minister in the late 1990s and this constituted a sound reason to vote for him on 9-10 April. This was the first time that a leading member of Italy's Muslim community publicly supported a party on the eve of an election.

In the email, Piccardo also said that, "another five years with a cabinet of [prime minister Silvio] Berlusconi and the Northern League Party is for Muslims and for foreigners in Italy a sad perspective of misunderstanding and segregation." The Northern League is an anti-immigration party in the government coalition.

The UCOII leader explained that he met Diliberto along with the president of UCOII Mohamed Nour Dachan when he was justice minister - from October 1998 until December 1999 in the progressive government of Massimo D'Alema.

"We spoke at length about the community's problems and needs, agreeing that the government needed to take more action on its behalf. Diliberto was extremely interested and helpful. In particular, we spoke to him about the problem of celebrating Ramadan in prisons, asking the ministry to make sure that dinner was served when [Muslim inmates] could interrupt their fast."

The leader of UCOII said that Diliberto's willingness to accommodate the needs of the Muslim community was a good reason to vote for his party - even placing at the end of his email the logos of the Party of Italian Communists and its allies at the Senate, the Greens, both members of the center-left coalition.

Piccardo concluded that in December 1999 the minister sent him a letter explaining that, as agreed in their previous conversation, he had "given instructions so that Muslims in Italian prisons could conveniently abide by their Ramadan obligations. Ever since, that practice has been implemented in Italian prisons." (external - login to view)
I thought the Communist party of Italy (the main one at least) was apart of the Centre-Left alliance, unless the communist party has left this alliance. To my knowlege there are two main communist parties. The main one is a Democratic socialist party which even though they call themselves communist, do not believe in marxist leninism any more. The other communist party which split from that party I believe is called "Communist party reformation" or soemthing stupid like that is not apart of the centre-left.

Besides the Italian communism has always been messed up since they never really believed in soviet communism but something a little bit different called Euro-communism.
yeah-well communism is the possible truth of man. Perhaps as we mature we might be able to pull it off. Islamic communists..... you would have to suppress that idea about the opium of the people-- unless you could somehow work in afganistans real opium into the picture
Remember Yeman was once a communist nation. lmao.

Bah communist, or at least Marxism, did help point out the inequilities during the indestrial revolution. Though I do not believe in the vast magority of marxist princables I do however think some do translate well into our modern society such as equility of the sexs and race and a society based more on equility then greed. Of course Marx himself would have just called me a capitalist revionist pig by just saying that. *shrugs* Communists if they are real communists or not do have the right to run and have won elections in many nations and actted like democratic parties, such as in South Africa, India, Italy, Nepal (CPC united) and France and many other nations. It the commubnists who act like radicals such as those who are in Nepal (cpc M), Columbia and in which act across the world as terrorist like orginizations who should not be allowed to terrorize the puplic.

I personal can not believe that anyone who reads the communist menifesto or the revisions done by Lenin could believe in Marxist-Leninism today and I can't believe why they just don't truly belong to social democratic parties. The only nations which I could ever see as having any belief in marxism would be those horribly repressed by a government where they do not allow political activies. Funny enough the latter is often describe to be those old school communist nations like China, NK and Cuba to different extents, which astionds me that much more.
god is a communist

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