US may help destroy Libya weapons

I think not
The United States is assessing whether to help Libya destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons in an operation which could cost over $100 million (57.5m).

Pentagon experts are writing a proposal outlining the options for helping Tripoli comply with an international treaty on banned weapons.

Libya says it possesses 23 tonnes of mustard gas and has asked for US help to destroy it.

In 2003, Tripoli agreed to destroy all of its weapons of mass destruction.

The North African nation has until April 2007 to destroy its banned weapons stockpile in order to comply with the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), an international treaty governing the possession of banned weapons.

Fact-finding mission

Officials from the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) recently completed a 10-day fact-finding visit to Libya at Tripoli's invitation during which they assessed the condition of its chemical weapons stockpile, located deep in the desert.

"In round numbers, the destruction of the Libyan chemical weapons capabilities is going to be $100m," DTRA director James Tegnelia told reporters in Washington.

Mr Tegnelia said US defence officials had to decide what, if anything, they were prepared to do to help destroy the Libyan weapons.

They also had to consider whether the $100m could be better spent in other areas, such as securing Russia's arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, which Washington fears could fall into hostile hands.

'Libya's responsibility'

Destroying the weapons would be a complex operation, but the Pentagon team had come up with two ways of carrying out the operation without moving the chemicals from their current site, he said, without giving further details.

But Mr Tegnelia said it was ultimately Tripoli's responsibility to ensure it complied with the terms of the CWC.

"What are the Libyans prepared to do themselves?" he said.

"In the end, meeting the Chemical Weapons Convention responsibilities is the Libyan government's responsibility. And in today's world, it's not like they don't have resources to be able to do that."
I think it is the Americans and even the UN's responcibility to help out as much as posssible as, Liyba had complied and wishes to disarm it's WMD's. I think it is with the USA's interests to help out as at least a good PR message, by doing so this will be much cheeper and much more effective to fighting terrorism then the 1/3 trillion they have spent on irag which has largely been a complete waste of resources. This would actually have an effect.

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