James Bulger killer moves in with gay lover.

In 1993, Britain was shocked when 2 year old James Bulger was murdered by two ten year olds - Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

They were locked up but released 5 years ago with completely new identities so that no-one will recognise them.

But it has been revealed that Thompson, now 23, is gay and has been in a relationship. Despite having a new identity, Thompson had to TELL his boyfriend that he is one of the Bulger killers -

Bulger killer's 'gay lover'

Killers ... Thompson (right), and Venables at 10, in 1993


ROBERT Thompson, one of the killers of toddler James Bulger, has moved in with his gay lover, it was claimed last night.

The 23-year-old is reported as being in a “long-term relationship” with a man he met following his release from custody five years ago.

At first, his partner was unaware of his gruesome past, sources claim.

But when the relationship became serious, he revealed that he was one of the killers of two year-old James.

He had to tell his partner of the murder to meet the strict conditions of his release, which force him to be honest about his past if he forms close relationships.

In 1993, he and his friend Jon Venables abducted James from a shopping centre and led him across Liverpool before torturing him and then battering him to death on a railway line.

Detectives in the case believe Thompson thought up the plan to kidnap the toddler and was more violent than Venables.

The two killers were aged just ten at the time. Thompson now has no regular access to children.

Murdered ... toddler James Bulger

Sources close to him say he is now in a settled relationship with another man. They also claim that he has been living with his lover — whose age is not known — for several months.

The killer was not previously known to have been gay.

It is believed that Thompson, who lives at a secret location in North West England, has settled back well into the community and is NOT considered a risk to the public.

Since the two killers were released after serving eight years in child detention centres — the public have not been allowed to know much about their lives.

The pair cannot contact each other.

And Thompson was given a new identity, including a name, passport and National Insurance number. A High Court injunction protects his new identity.

The child killer has received huge financial support from taxpayers through the Home Office and Probation Service since his release.

He is allowed to claim benefits to stop him turning to crime when he is not in work.

He also has access 24 hours a day to probation officers if he needs advice.

While in custody, he was encouraged to develop an interest in textiles and won praise for a wedding dress he designed.

Thompson was held at a detention centre in Barton Moss, near Eccles, on the outskirts of Manchester.

Venables was locked up at the Red Bank Children’s Home on Merseyside.

It was just 13 miles from the home of James Bulger’s family in Kirby.

The cost of keeping the pair in secure units was around £150,000 a year — making the total £2.5million for their total sentences.

A spokesperson for the Home Office refused to comment on the revelations about Thompson.

She said: “We do not discuss individual cases such as this.”

That case was HUGE over here in the US while it took place. I was sickened by it. What were those two kids thinking!

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