BC Ferry Sinks

Passengers, crew safe after B.C. ferry sinks


I think not
Well nobody was hurt, so all is well.

B.C. Ferries president David Hahn confirmed to CBC Newsworld that all passengers are safe and sound. He wouldn't speculate on what caused the accident.

"I think something went catastrophically wrong,"

Ya think so?
Johnny Utah

The ship is completely submerged, said the Search and Rescue Centre in Victoria.
I wonder if they have another one to replace it with?
I was shocked to see this news this am. Holy mackerel. I live on the North Island and have never had the inclination to take that ferry.The idea of a rinky ferry like that through that water for that long rubbed me the wrong way.
The Queen of the North

was a pretty decent ship. I have made that trip and I would reccomend it to anyone.(without the sinking of course.)

www.pbase.com/kstapleton/image/43960094 (external - login to view)
Juan, I've heard of some pretty hairy rides on it. I'll bet it's beautful when it is nice (and not sinking lol) though not the best of times when the weather is poor.
There's an echo in here
Luckily we don't have a lot of need for ferries here in Ontario, but I have been on one, The Chi-Cheemaun.

www.ontarioferries.com/ (external - login to view)

What kind of effect is this sinking going to have in terms of transportation needs in BC?
I have to admit

that I've only made the trip twice, in good weather. The Inside Passage is pretty well sheltered but I imagine outside the passage can be a bit ugly. I don't know what happened but it sounds like they ran aground and tore the bottom out of her. We'll find out I guess.
the caracal kid
Another accident for BC Ferries.

I worry about the age and condition of much of the fleet myself.

I had from time to time thought of taking the northwest passage trip, but never have.

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