Moose lands in passenger seat

I think not
Moose rides shotgun in Massachusetts car
500-pound animal crashes through windshield, ends up in passenger seat

LEOMINSTER, Mass. - A 500-pound moose crashed through the windshield of a car in Leominster and ended up sitting in the passenger seat with its head sticking through the glass.

Emergency personnel late Thursday had to cut the roof off the car to extricate the moose, which was later euthanized by state environmental police because of severe injuries, police Lt. Raymond Booth said.

The driver, Juleigh McDowell, 30, of Sterling, was able to get out of the car under her own power and escaped serious injury, police said.

Police in Leominster, a city of about 38,000 residents about 40 miles west of Boston, had received reports of a moose in the area earlier Thursday evening, Booth said.

McDowell was simply driving along Route 12 at about 11 p.m. Thursday when the moose crossed her path, he said.
Someone should use that moose for an avatar.It'd be fitting on this board.

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