Murders in Mexico:WASSUP

Two Canadians murdered in Mexico.
Two or three Canadians get on their scheduled flight home.
The Mexicans are "interested", (after completely compromising physical evidence at the murder scene) in talking to them.
They MAY be subject to extradition.
If they are extradited (for going on vacation apparently), how many hours of Mexican "interrogation" will it take before they "confess"
..........should start a poll......
This young laddie shall no longer be going to Mexico.

From what I have read the Mexican government is spreading propaganda by blaming three Canadians. They have done nothing but try and cover the incident up. They did not process the crime scene and the blunders and lies continue. Good luck to the family they will most likely never learn the truth.
Another oxymoron

Mexican Police investigation.
just a couple of thoughts

How many murders has anyone heard of where women have cut someone's throat? It is just not a women's crime. Were both victim's throats cut at the same time? Cutting someone's throat doesn't kill him/her instantly. I once saw a man get slashed accross the throat and he ran around for close to five minutes before he died. The murderers would have been covered in blood. I would also have thought there would have been a lot of noise yet the victims were found the next morning. This is all speculation but there have been several different stories about this crime and most of the confusion seems to come from the Mexican police.

BTW, this is the second time a foreign couple has been killed in the area. I will find more info on the first murder.
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Murder an isolated case, Mexicans say
Crime against tourists 'pretty much a unique event'

Melissa Leong, with files from Peter Kuitenbrouwer, National Post
Published: Thursday, February 23, 2006
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With tourism being a key source of revenue for the Latin American country, Mexican officials were quick to label the murder of two Canadians vacationing in the Mayan Riviera an isolated case.

"Crime against tourists is pretty much a unique event," said Mauricio Guerrero, a spokesman for the Mexican embassy in Ottawa.

Domenico Ianiero and his wife, Nancy, were found murdered on Monday at a five-star resort in Playa del Carmen, a tourist city in the state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula.

A few days ago, Mexican police confirmed the arrests of two men suspected of killing a European couple in Tulum, which is south of Playa del Carmen along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The bodies of Spanish tourist Martha Toullat Vallverde and her Italian partner, Matias Mazzeti, were discovered on Dec. 9 last year.

Bello Melchor Rodriguez y Carrillo, prosecutor of the state of Quintana Roo, told a news conference yesterday officials stand by the area's safety. "You can't put a guard in every room. Imagine if you got to a hotel and there were guards everywhere, you'd kind of wonder, well, am I safe here?"

Various news media reported an escalation of drug-related violence in Mexico, stirring concerns the violence may discourage travellers to the area. Officials are doing what they can to allay vacationers' worries.

The grounds and an inside view of a room at the Maya Caribe resort where Domenic and Annunziata Ianiero were found murdered.
National Post 2006
I tink the Mex cops are corrupt.

A Mexican vacation? Think again
National Post
Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2006
The double-murder of a Woodbridge, Ont., couple at Mexico's Barcelo Maya resort, which they were visiting to celebrate their daughter's wedding, initially made headlines merely for its senselessness and brutality. But as the story has developed, it has become about something broader: the incompetence of Mexico's justice system and police.
Barely any time had passed following the discovery of Dominic and Nancy Ianiero's bodies, throats slit, in their bloody hotel room before Mexican authorities were telling the press that the crime was a professional hit job -- most likely perpetrated by a pair of Canadian women. Faced with a stain on their tourism industry, the Mexican police and prosecutors seemed content to quickly cast the blame on foreigners -- even if they had little if any forensic evidence to lead them to such a conclusion. And in a particularly cruel blow for the Ianiero family, the fact that Dominic and Nancy were of Italian descent allowed the authorities to get personal and imply that the couple had been done in by a mob hit.
The Mexican police have since retreated somewhat from their initial statement, now saying they are no longer sure whether the murderers are women. But they still insist, without offering any concrete evidence, that the murderers are Canadians.

Quote has been trimmed
...and if you are one of the 600,000 Canadian tourists who annually prop up Castro's communist state think again.

Canadians wondering why Cuba did not help

Now safe at home, survivors of shipwreck say no one ventured out
Mary Vallis, National Post
Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2006
A Canadian couple who survived a shipwreck and spent nearly two weeks stranded in Cuba are questioning why the country's coast guard did not help them until they reached shore.

After safely returning to Canada on Saturday, Rob and Kelly Aitchison are now asking hard questions about how Cuban authorities handled their distress call from the Downtown, a luxury yacht that sank off Cuba's northern shore. They also want to know why the yacht -- a 25-metre, custom-designed boat made entirely of wood -- sprung a leak during a storm as they sailed from Saint Martin to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Feb. 12.

The couple, along with two Canadian crew members, spent some seven hours on the water after sending their first distress call. They received assurances a Cuban rescue vessel was on its way, but none arrived.

The U.S. Coast Guard positioned a cutter just outside Cuba's territorial waters in case the Cubans granted permission to enter or the Downtown drifted, said Lieutenant Tom Gorgol of the U.S. Coast Guard.

"We were ready," Lt. Gorgol said. "I was here that whole night. I listened to the entire story unfold. It was frustrating for us, too, because we made all the phone calls and did everything we could -- it was, like, get there, do something. But we can't make them [the Cubans] do anything."

The Canadian crew eventually received a cellphone call from a relative in contact with the U.S. Coast Guard who told them no help was coming. They abandoned the Downtown when it rolled on its side. Cuban authorities helped guide the survivors to shore with flashing lights at around 4:30 a.m.

"Even after we came to shore -- we're dead tired, exhausted, soaking wet, freezing cold, Rob's injured," Ms. Aitchison recalled. "They wouldn't even walk 10 feet down to the surf to help us pull the dinghy on to the sand. They just stood there and watched us."

According to the U.S. Coast Guard synopsis of events sent to the National Post by Drew Blakeney, a U.S. Interests Section spokesman in Havana, American authorities alerted the Canadian embassy and Cuban border guards to the Downtown's plight. The synopsis notes that "severe weather conditions" and shallow water prevented Cuban authorities from sending help.

Mr. Aitchison, the Downtown's captain and an officer with the Canadian Coast Guard, said the Downtown was anchored for hours about three kilometres from the Cuban coast in 17 metres of water -- deep enough for "pretty much anything except a supertanker," he said.

After surviving the wreck, the Canadians were whisked to Havana in a paddy wagon and spent time in an immigration centre lockup, answering questions about their illegal entry into Cuba. Two crew members were soon allowed to return to Canada, but the Cubans detained Mr. Aitchison because he was the Downtown's captain.

He eventually had to agree to to pay $2,900 for legal representation before he and his wife could leave.


First they wanted a fat clean up fee but I guess scavagers cleaned up for home building materials. So they get a legal fee scam.

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