Mosque Attack Pushes Iraq Toward Civil War

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Wonderful. Blame is already being thrown about.

In the Sunni denomination, whenever there is a jihadi attack upon an enemy the protocol demands for martyrdom. One does not hide one's face or run from a battle site. If these were Sunni jihadists, they would not have hidden their faces nor run away but stood up and fought until death.

But note how they didn't.

This is why there is speculation that it was CIA or Mossad agents.

Also, Sunnis would not have burned down a building that contained what are held to be sacred copies of the Koran.

The hiding of the attackers faces, running away from battle, the failure to accept martyrdom, and the burning of sacred books all bespeak of a CIA or Mossad terrorist attack.

They would if it could give the Shi'ites black eye. Protestants and Catholics in N. Ireland attacked each other at graveyards, Funerals even, and believed they were justifed in doing it. it's not too hard to believe that some Sunnis would believe that Allah would forgive them some collateral damage in their quest to attack the Shi'ites.

And sometimes people run away. Religious and cultural beliefs or not, they're stil human.
Believe me... the Shia knows who did it. Yes you will have some muslim opportunist trying to lay blame on the US and Israel but the Shia know that Sunnis and Zarquwi have been behind every bombing and massacre in that country. They see them on video holding their police hostage before they execute them.

Again... I hate to point people to this website but Orgish has all of the insurgent videos made by the insurgents themselves.

The Shia aren't stupid. They may not like Americas too much but they know it would not serve us any purpose to blow up a mosque. What could we possibly gain by that?

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