Canada's incarceration rate hits 20-year low

A teaser:

The number of prisoners in Canada fell last year to its lowest level in more than 20 years, according to a Statistics Canada study released Friday.

For every 100,000 adults in Canada in 2003-2004, 130 were in prison -- marking a three per cent decline from the previous year.

It was the first decline since 2000-2001 when the incarceration rate became stable at 134 adults.

Statscan noted that the decline came even though there was a "substantial increase" in the number of adults waiting trial or sentencing over the past decade. This was due to the fact that the increase was more than offset by a decline in imposed custodial sentences.[/end of teaser]

I guess that is good news. But you would never know it from watching tv though. But it makes sense 130 per 100,000 and we have a growing population so tv news gives the impression more crime and people in jail which could be the case, even though the incarceration rate per capita is down.