Turns out the armoured car robbery in Montreal on Sept. 7 netted the perps $35 million. The largest robbery in Canadian history.

Nobody killed, thank God.

Now that's a buck or two.

An inside job is suspected (believe me, it would have to be.........we don't usually carry that kind of cash)

Hell's Angels are suspected of doing the actual job.

The company concerned had cut crews down to two persons to save money, depending on technology to take up the slack. This is not my company, but I won't discuss what kind of technology.
Suffice to say it didn't save this load.

Rumor has it their insurance is refusing to pay, due to the lack of crew and the dollars involved. This could put one of the largest security companies in Canada out of business.

Please folks, don't be looking at every armoured car going down the street thinking "$35 million". It ain't so.