Skinning live Animals

Cnn,last night,had a show on this practice currently being conducted in China. There is a film circulating on the Net ,showing a living dog being skinned while still alive,and then dieing over a 20 minute period.It was said that many cats and dogs are being harvested for their fur and the product is then exported to the West. This is one of the most barbaric practices I have ever heard of and any suggestions on how to deal with it would be welcomed. A Boycott of all Chinese products until this is finished?
Naturally, I had to investigate to see if this was true or not. See it for yourself- I couldn't watch the whole thing: skinned alive (external - login to view)

Jo Canadian
That's distrubing. Not to mention pointless. If you really want the skin off of an animal, doing it alive is going to ruin the pelt anyways. Who's going to buy a pelt that's full of holes?

People doing this are doing it for other reasons besides aquiring a pelt, it's just a sadistic game for them. One can only hope that Karma functions the way it should.

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