Clare Laking dies at 106

Ten Packs
There are now only four Canadian WWI vets left....
That is sad. They may be gone, but they never will be forgotten.
And I believe Mr. Laking was the last actual combat veteran.

Veteran of 'Great War' will be missed

A teaser:

One of Canada's last veterans of the First World War, William 'Duke' Procter, has died. He was 106.

Procter, born in Mable Lake, B.C. in 1899, died peacefully at the Oakside Manor residential care facility in Enderby, B.C. on Wednesday. Fred Evans, the director of the facility said "it was a pleasure having him here, and getting to know him. He gave so much to the staff here. We're going to miss him terribly."

In the years following what became known as The Great War, Procter never missed a Remembrance Day ceremony, from 1919 until this year, when he underwent surgery. [/end teaser]

Sad as another WW1 vetran passes on. So there are only 3 left from WW1.

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