Rape: 1 in 3 blames flirty women

I think not
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- One in three Britons believes a woman who flirts is partly or totally responsible if she is raped, a "shocking" opinion poll showed on Monday.

Between a third and a quarter of respondents also put part or all of the blame on the woman if she fails to say "no" clearly to the man, wears sexy clothes, drinks too much, has many sexual partners and walks alone in a deserted area.

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Classy. Apparently men can't control themselves around women unless they are in burquas or something. This is just as insulting to men as it is to rape victims. I am surprised at how many stupid people function in society. I also find it very disturbing that there is only a conviction in less than 6% of the rapes reported to police. That's a tiny number, especially when you consider than many women never report that they are raped at all.

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