Bill O'Reilly invites terrorists to blow up SF

Hard-Luck Henry
This man is off his trolley.

It seems O'Reilly is upset about about San Francisco proposition discouraging public schools from allowing military "predatory recruiting" on campus. On his national radio show Tuesday, he said San Francisco should not get a nickel of federal funds. He then invited al-Qaeda to come and blow the city up:


"And if al Qaeda comes in here and blows you up, we're not going to do anything about it,” he said. “We're going to say, look every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco. You want to blow up the Coit Tower, go ahead."

Another fine illustration of the warped values of the Christian right. (external - login to view)
Jo Canadian
I always figured he was a few bricks shy of a fortress anyways. With comments like that, I'm wondering how often O'Reilly and Pat Robertson hang out.
Ocean Breeze
the bloke is a cerifiable member of the "moronic society "....that has captured a small minority in the u.s. Quite cultish ..

..........but a thought occurs..... and it has to do with reverse psychology. Inviting terrorists to blow up certain areas.......might be a deterrant. Them terrorist types don't like to oblige all that much.
So where is the reich wing to demand that he be arrested for promoting terrorism???
GL Schmitt
Bill O'Reilly invites terrorists to blow up SF

Well, okay, but I've always thought that turnabout's fair play.

So, San Franciscans should feel free to blow Bill O'Reilly.
Reverend Blair
Hmmm...paranoia, nonsensical all fits with the rumour I heard that Bill O'Reilly has been abusing PCP. No doubt about it now, kiddies...Billy is on Angel Dust.
I watched him on The Daily Show a few weeks ago,and guess what?He still hates us and the French
Ocean Breeze
With blokes like him contaminating the airwaves.........little wonder the american society is what it is today.
I wonder if his 'offer' to terrorists counts as incitement of some kind (and by extention an act against the U.S. itself) ... if so... shouldn't he be tossed into their concentration camp in Cuba? And for good measure, or preemption as Bushco likes to call it, let's toss Anne Coulter in there with him. If nothing else the U.S. collective IQ would improve somewhat.

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