Canadian weather machine heading for Red Planet

Mars is about to be invaded by Canada.

The Canadian Space Agency announced on Thursday the final contribution of $6 million to build a fully integrated weather station, known as MET, for the launch of NASA's Phoenix Lander mission to the Red Planet in 2007.

NASA says Phoenix will study climate at the northern latitudes of Mars, as well as the geological history of water and the potential of the soil to support life.

The Canadian weather station will be the first ever to have operated from the surface of another planet, and will use Light Detection and Ranging, or Lidar technology.

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I say the only draw back is it can't take a few politicans along for the ride.

Additionally reguarding Mars..

Red Planet set for close approach (external - login to view)

Mars is set for a close encounter with Earth, approaching to within 69.4 million km (43.1 million miles) of our planet in the early hours of Sunday.

With good conditions and a lack of cloud, amateur astronomers will be able to get an unusually good look at Mars.