Unusual & Curious News: Purple Carrots.

Ocean Breeze

(might NOT be at your closest supermarket soon.

curiosity ...
Interesting! They have a diferent taste as well, maybe some seeds were mixed up?
Ocean Breeze
Quote: Originally Posted by no1important

Interesting! They have a diferent taste as well, maybe some seeds were mixed up?

quite curious , isn't it?? Bet that gardner was surprised.!!

Thinking about a beet/carrot cross of some kind........but the shape is very "carrot".

maybe just a wee "pigmentation" problem..-----and hopefully the rest of the carrots won't get prejudiced ...
I've heard of theses but have never seen Ohh Pea you know anything ?
Well they have purple potatoes, why not carrots :P
Purple potatoes? Really? your not pulling my leg are you?
I've ate those purple potatoes not to bad .My neighbors gave me some By the way those seed tapes rock Pea I've got friggin huge tasty carrotts strawed in for winter .
pfffft...purple taters been around for awhile important, get off the couch and go find some purple taters. This year I have also seen yellow carrots....seed tapes work well momsy for those itsy bitsy seeds
Your not kidding thanks for the tip My neighbors are all sold now too
I always tip da help momsy

heya momsy, whata think of my barfing bumpkin??
i like it .Make a great addition to a haunted house .I think I'm ready for this year festivities .Going to do a dry run on Sunday night I hope
i have everything i need but it won't be enough
Well Ya you gots to have lots candy...its your duty There better be lots of candy in this neighbourhood! I tell you if anybody tries to give me fruit..well nuff said
What are you going dressed up as Pea? A neocon?
Well lets see i've got way to much candy aand none of the cheap **** .Chocolate bars and jelly berrys .I can't find my eyes and ears candy anymore
I only like people that hand out joints or liquor.
No I am not going dressed up like george bush, I don't have a monkey suit anyhos...I am going has a member of my clan...a leader of course...coz..I say so. Lu lu is going to paint my face...but I state right here and now...I keep my underwear on! You never know, you might get into a accident or something...and how you gonna explain it all at the hospital...eh???
I don' thin that would go over to good in the neighborhood no1
Heya momsy...I gots a new avatar hold on I am gonna get it...
Okay now I'm scared i hate that creepy little red thing
I like it Pea! I even changed mine..
GL Schmitt
Maybe I will just cover myself in Karo Syrup (Hollywood blood substitute) and go as an atavistic carrot.
CARROT VARIETIES (external - login to view)

Purple carrots are not abnormal. Seems people are about as picky over the look of their veggies as they are about their mates.

Read all about'em....
Quote: Originally Posted by no1important

Purple potatoes? Really? your not pulling my leg are you?

And guess what? We grow purple green beans every year. I know that sounds crazy, but the instant you pop them into boiling water, they turn back to green. My mom used to call them "magic beans."

Anybody know where i can get white pumkin seeds for next year ? I was just reading about them and love to grow some for my graveyard.They'd go good with the Giants I grew

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