Yep - it's official. Elvis' old air base now belongs to Germany. I am surprised that Andem has not mentioned the de-Elvisication of Germany.

Oct 10, 1:11 PM (ET)


FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) - The United States formally handed Rhein-Main Air Base over to the German government Monday, ending a 60-year stay during which the sprawling field was a hub of activity for American forces facing Soviet bloc troops and Mideast tensions.

Gen. Robert Foglesong, commander of the U.S. Air Force in Europe, called it "a grand old base with a lot of history," but said moving operations to other bases in Germany was necessary to save money.

Rhein-Main saw a steady stream of planes fly supplies to West Berliners in the late 1940s to break the Soviet blockade of the city. A decade later, it bade Elvis Presley farewell after his Army service, and still later welcomed American hostages from Iran and wounded U.S. forces returning from the Middle East.

"It's like a funeral," said retired Col. Gail Halversen, 85, who was one of the Berlin Airlift pilots.

Here we go again: apnews.myway.com/article/20051010/D8D5A1K81.html (external - login to view)