Residents in south Georgia need to show some tolerance. The mayor of Tifton is doing the right thing. Here you have Mexican immigrants who came to the US for a better life, working honest jobs, being productive members of our society having their lives tragically taken away.

Let us hope the three gang members arrested in these senseless murders will get the death penalty.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

TIFTON, Georgia — A south Georgia mayor said Friday he will continue flying a Mexican flag at city hall for the six immigrant farmworkers slain in robberies — despite complaints from residents.

Seven people called WTIF radio station Thursday, saying the gesture was inappropriate and that the Mexican and U.S. flags should not fly together.

"I did that as an expression of sorrow to the Hispanic community," Mayor Paul Johnson said. "For those who we offended, I apologize, but I think it was the right thing to do."

The red, white and green Mexican flag, donated by the Colombian-born priest of Tifton's only Roman Catholic church, was first raised Monday and taken down Thursday because it was damaged by Tropical Storm Tammy.

The mayor has requested a new flag and pledged the display would last six days, one for each man slain.

Johnson said he considers immigrants to be a part of the community, who do very important work. "They're here to find the hope of America," the mayor said.

WTIF station manager Chris Beckham said the callers who opposed the display "just thought it was the wrong thing to do."

The six men were killed with guns and baseball bats during a crime spree authorities blame on an armed-robbery gang that preyed on immigrants. Three people have been charged with first-degree murder.