Tourists to Florida Get a Warning as Greeting

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Even you would have to admit that would Suck the big eh Nascar

Yep. Let us be thankful that Martial Law is rarely used except in real bad situations like Natural Disasters ... as we've seen recently.
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Vanni, the US will never remove guns from it's law abiding citizens. The result would be unpredicatable to say the least. Just here in Oklahoma, more than every other home has guns in it. It would require firstly modifying our second amendment to the US constitution and secondly perparing for the anarchy afterwards. Thirdly, compensating all gun owners for confiscating their guns, particualrly those with large collections. Considering all these factors and more, I can honestly say that I do not envision the US being gun free no matter which government is in charge.

Betcha I could disarm you, no matter what you're packin'...and there's not a goddamn thing you could do about it...

Disarmament: the first act towards peace.

It is a challenge to phathom the gun mentality that exists in the US. One has to assume that the level of paranoia is right up there. Quite a hostile, overly aggressive society....

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