CBC Strike Over?

As of now,the CBC and its unions have inked a memorandium of understanding that should lead to the settlement of the 50 day strike/lockout. Good news for us
Double aye! now I can have my sad goat back!!
Reverend Blair
Summer holiday is over. Parliament is back in session and suddenly the CBC brass are willing to talk. No real surprise there.
Not to mention NHL is starting up soon and thats a money maker for them. I for one, as much as I like the BBC programming they are showing, will be happy when CBC gets back to normal. I just hope the employees recieved a descent deal.
Jo Canadian
I guess it is over.

CBC workers back on payroll Friday
Reverend Blair
it'll be nice to have local stuff again...the bbc was nice for a change though
Reverend Blair
The BBC is available on cable though, Manda. Even if you don't get the whole channel, both PBS and NewsWorld carry BBC World and the BBC website has pretty much everything that they are covering.
Reverend Blair
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