The Secret Mulroney Tape Recordings


The Secret Mulroney Tape Recordings


James Bredin

Mulroney is pissed off about Peter Newmanís new book,
Taped recorded conversations and other gobbledygook,
The same prime minister who also gave us the GST,
With his 8 appointees in the Senate and we had to agree.

And now he feels betrayed by how the material was obtained,
There is no way that his back-then comments can be explained,
Next time you pay your GST you can feel sorry for him,
What caused him to impose the GST or was it just a whim?

Itís hard to believe but he is still nervous about legacy,
As though the GST was loved like some pompous delicacy,
Could Peterís book interfere with the official account?
Minus GST for misery and a legacy discount.

I worked for the old Conservative Party in those far off days,
These antics reminds me of those times in each and every phrase,
So I feel twice as sorry about Brian Mulroney or Joe Clark,
They brought the old party down and we never made it back.

Replaced by adscam Liberals and they want to stay forever,
And they may just do that because of Brianís GST endeavor,
Tried at Meeche and Charlottetown but never changed the status quo,
And you canít pass the check out without paying Brianís GST dough.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
GL Schmitt
Mulroney has one small shred of dignity to which he may hold fast.

At least the tapes that expose him are not ones he had ordered to be recorded. :P

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