Amnesty accuses oil firms of overriding human rights

Vanni Fucci
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Disgusting. Profits and greed before people.
Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by no1important

Disgusting. Profits and greed before people.

Yeah, well they're only Third World people though, they don't really count now do they?

...kinda like those Third World people in New Orleans...and elsewhere in the US...

UN report shows USA regions as poor as Third World (external - login to view)
Thats no surprise. If you ever go to Chicago or LA or I guess any big US city,areas of the "south" there are areas that make the "3rd world" look like paradise.

There is an awful lot of poverty in America. Politicians do not want to see it and let alone admit there is a problem. They just want to promote the so called "American Dream" and so called "American Opportunity".

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