Chief Justice William Rehnquist died Saturday at age 80

Looks like we are down to 7 judges on the US Supreme Court.

Judge Roberts looks like he will in all likelihood get the job. However, the real task now is to replace the late judge Rehnquist.

The president must remember that the candidate must be as objective as was the late judge Rehnquist and not let personal opinions interfere with interpretation of the law.
Heres a link (external - login to view)

Too bad he died. That cancer is nasty business. Best wishes to his family.

I fear to see who "W" will fill the bench with.
The late judge Rehnquist will undoubedly be missed on the Supreme Court. When deciding who to appoint to replace the late judge Rehnquist, the President must decide who is of the same cailber as was the late Judge Rehnquist. The president will also need to pick an individual as brilliant as was the late Judge Rehnquist. He always interpreted the law in a way which benefited all Americans. Some of the more prominent judges on the US Supreme Court (such as judges Scalia and Thomas) should assist the President in nominating suitable candidates who will fit the profile.

Here's a link to the life (and death) of the late honorable Judge Rehnquist... (external - login to view)
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