Woman torches own house, attempting to kill spiders

Woman torches own house, attempting to kill spiders
September 2, 2005

A German woman has destroyed her family's home in an attempt to kill the spiders in its garage.

Zuelpich police report that when spraying them with hairspray failed to kill them, the spiders were then subjected to being burned with a cigarette lighter. However, they were probably still covered with hairspray, which set alight the floor of the garage. The fire then spread to a hedge, and then to the house, which the woman failed to save with a garden hose. It is reported to be uninhabitable, but the neighbouring semi-detached house was spared, suffering only broken windows and exterior charring.

The damage is estimated at around 100,000 (70,000 or $125,000.)

A policeman stated, "The family have had to look for somewhere else to stay. The spiders are gone though - that problem was solved."

(story is public domain)
This story is just too much, especially the way it is written. The last quote just does it for me though
Ocean Breeze
Love this story........and how it is written.

"How to despider a home"......under domestic tips and tricks & other "how tos"...

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