CBC Strike


The CBC Strike


James Bredin

The CBC has been on strike now for quite a long time,
Nobody knows or cares how long but everything seems fine,
This strike is not about their contracts so much as money,
Taxpayersí money, yours and mine and itís not very funny.

A billion dollars here and there to support these girls and guys,
Busy locked out little bureaucrats trying to sensationalize,
Where their ratings and awards always seem so incidental,
As long as two loyal listeners get worked up or sentimental.

Pompous propaganda pushed by those who have no debate,
Left wing ideology imposed in the culture that they relate,
Obligatory philosophy meshed with news and sports and stuff,
Pushed by elitistsí personalities that never get enough.

Though talk about political reforms will not be broached,
This subject matter will be scrutinized, biased and coached,
In the guise of culture, things will have to remain the same,
No Triple E Senate and no referendums, they all proclaim.

This strike will of course certainly conclude in a week or two,
Back to work status quo will of course continue on cue,
Pounding their sincerity and left wing message all the way home,
Concerned about sovereignty in an anti-American tone.

Saved by the bell just before the real start of the hockey season,
Their justification for being there and maybe the reason,
The whole country might fold without this propaganda machine,
Governments may change but not them or their left-wing routine.

Monday, August 29, 2005
There just like Telus, trying to "contract out" and union bust.
Reverend Blair
That's what it's all about, No 1. Martin has been cutting and chopping and now "contracting out" is the only way to meet budget. Of course the CBC already contracts out over 30% of its work.
Dexter Sinister
Hey, get it right. The CBC is not on strike, the employees have been locked out. Quite a different thing.
Reverend Blair
Yup. Quite the union-busting tactic by the management there. I think we should demand the management be locked out.
A lockout occurs when management decides to beat a union to the punch. It happened to CUPW a few times
Jo Canadian

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