Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or did anybody else notice how fast the Corporaate media has jumped on the its going to cost you more for gas and insurance cause of Katrina ?I think were being sold a bill of goods the economy in the states is falling apart and there going to use every excuse they can to blame something else .It just amazes me how people buy into this bull****
About 3 weeks ago there was an article in the Seattle papers relating the raise in gas prices to the rise in milk prices. They are vuirtually the same. What the article neglected to mention was that the average person buys 2 litres of milk at a time...while gas averages at 60 litres at a time.
Reverend Blair
The thing is that the supply is so short that temporarily losing the Gulf of Mexico supply, as well as disrupting the shipping that occurs in that port, will push prices up, Mom.

It should not affect prices in Canada though. We have our own supply and it has nothing to do with Katrina.

Since all of the oil effected by the hurricane is destined for US markets, the price spike should be localized to the US...especially the south east. That it will push prices up here is a sign of just how screwed up things are.
Let's all move to Cuba or something
Reverend Blair
I kind of like it here, Manda. No hurricanes, no earthquakes, no poisonous snakes.
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