Karla Homolka

Steve French
Uh, we don't do the "Death Penalty" in Canada. That is for primitive, uncivilized cultures.

Karla is very clever, manipulated the system, played the dumb lawyers and judges like puppets, and I read she got her psych degree in prison. She was uncooperative with psych "therapy" and I doubt any prison shrink would be able to put anything over on her, therefore I doubt any diagnosis other than psychotic sociopath = Female Hannibal Lecter.

Some people STILL want to believe her a "victim" of some male Sven Jolly.
While video taping her husband's torture of one of the girls, her hand did not even tremble. During high pitched screams of enormous pain being inflicted on a 14 year old, her hand did not shake.

Plus after she (SHE) killed her sister, they continued to have sex with Karla dressing in Tammy's clothing. She saved Tammy's underwear. She freaked out that her father spent too much money on Tammy's funeral, instead of their wedding (I read the letter).

Plus she stole a watch from one of her victims and wore it during her police interviews.

Tell me she has a conscience. Then prove it to me.
Gawd is she STILL alive?
I still cannot believe that someone who has committed these crimes is out on the street. The justice system needs a drastic overhaul.
Ya, maybe she will meet up with OJ simpson, they could have a good chuckle together.
Thats the deal she made with the crown.

The American system is no better when celebrity murderers can get off because they can afford high priced lawyers while poor (mostly black) get railroaded and sentanced to death whether they are guilty or not. The most ridiculous part is the District Attorney cannot appeal not guilty verdicts.

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