A goddamned frightening phenomenon

Ok, I am seriously starting to freak out.

Yesterday a 19 year old BOY was crushed to death by a DUMPSTER in a FREAK industrial accident. WTF?
Last week another teen was killed falling off a roof, working of course. This is my town alone....

Are we not training our young workers properly? Who can we blame for this?

My worry is my own 16 year old son. Who is responsible for making sure these people are safe in the workplace? Well DUH, the WSIB is but are they really doing their jobs? Why are people dying at work regularly from RETARDED MISTAKES.

Buddy overwhelmed by chemicals, buddy died of heatstroke in the ovens. Christ, who is f*cking watching these people?

I'm sick of people dying for their JOBS. These guys are probably making ten bucks an hour and they are dying for it. Sorry, but there is not a chance in HELL that I am risking my life for ten bucks an hour.

Now don't think I don't agree with risking your life for work, that's different. I love firefighters and police, and I thank them. They know there's a risk and accept it. Buddy didn't know he was going to be crushed by a dumpster.
How do we fix????
There seems to be alot of freak accidents Last week a guy driving a garbage truck, went under a bridge with his forks UP, he took out the bridge which collapsed on him, killing him.
I think not
Accidents are usually brought about by carelessness or being absent minded or sometimes being outright cocky, especially in construction related accidents. And sometimes they are not following safety guidelines.

I remember about 6 years ago, an electrician was working on a 277/480 Volt panel, instead of taking the proper precautions and shutting down the power, he figured he had enough experience not to bother, after all he had been in the industry for 15 years

The end result was him getting zapped and being thrown 20 feet across the room and hitting his head against a steel beam, he's lucky he survived. But learned his lesson, I think.

Accidents do happen, you can never stop an accident from happening but you can try and avoid it by training people, especially teens and young men and women. Sorry to hear about those two kids
Gottaagree! It's the teens-they all think they're immortal and basic safety doesn't apply to them.
Immortal, ahh, I remember it well. To be that smart again eh?
I think not
I'll just take the youth again, smart or otherwise.
I don't think it is a matter of age. It is more carelesseness, like ITN mentioned. I was working in a photolab, when our dust gun went down. I unplugged the unit carefully placing the cord over a chair, so no one would trip over it.

I proceeded to take the dust gun a part to figure out the problem. Unfortunately, the lab had very few surfaces to work on and I had to use the top of the film processor to work on. I proceeded to find the problem. My supervisor came wondering through, saw the cord unplugged and ...you guessed it... plugged it in. Zap...220 running right through me.My supervisor was not a teenager.

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