Age Discrimination?

There are some aspects to the Charter that arenít written very well.....
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I think age discrimination shouldn't be part of the charter.

It's assinine. Are you going to fight about insurance rates now? What about the old age pension?. I think I should be able to collect it now, not when I'm 60. How about it?
I want to be able to go to a movie for the children's admission price. And those restaurants where kids eat free, that's wrong, too.

At some point, this idea becomes stupid. And I think that point is long before we fight about getting into bars.

Fine, you don't mind age discrimination, thats alright. These bars were also discriminating based on gender, because they allowed women under 25 to enter. Are you also alright with gender discrimination?

Also, this has NOTHING to do with getting into bars. I would be just as mad if they were't allowing men under 25 (or any group) into movie theatres, restaurants, hockey games, banks, airports, vehicle registry, or any other business. I could care less if I could get into these bars. I don't really like bars anyways, but that's not the point, nor my problem. I don't like the trend. If people accept this, then what other groups of people are businesses going to ban and get away with it? If this becomes acceptable, banning indians and blacks from 7-11 isn't far behind, which scares me.
Frappuccino Dibs
Age and sexual discrimination happens all the time. The most noticable in the UK is with car insurance.

I refuse to believe women have less car accidents than men - possibly smaller accidents but not less. And as for the 'boy-racer' enigma. I've known and seen plenty of women who drove like nutters.

It dousn't surprise me that a bar could ban men under a certain age. It is after all, a womans world.
Any hot looking woman would be admitted into any bar as it is the best way to draw the male customers to any drinking establishment.So,it is dumb not to allow young men into these bars.
I got a reply from the Canadian Human Rights Commission saying that it was out of there jurisdiction and to contact the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission. I talked to an human rights officer over the phone, and he told me that age is not a protected form of discrimination for services, however, he said that gender discrimination was definately coverered and this was viable gender discrimination complaint. I was unable to file a complaint, however, because I was not directly involved.

So, to answer the question that is the topic: No, it is not age discrimination, but it is gender discrimination.

Now all that needs to happen is somebody that was discriminated against by these bars needs to call the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship commission at (403) 297-6571 to file a formal complaint.

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