Olympic Decisions??!

Jo Canadian
Since the Olympics are being talked about, I hear they're planning on taking out Womens Softball (external - login to view) from the games. Now when they let things like Ballroom Dancing and Beach Volleyball exist in the olympics why would they do a stupid move like that????

ASA Statements Regarding Softball’s Exclusion from the 2012 Olympic Games


Amateur Softball Association of America Statements Regarding Softball’s Exclusion from the 2012 Olympic Games
“We are shocked by the news softball has been taken off the Olympic program in 2012. The vote by the IOC Members is a crushing blow to the millions of young women around the world who dream of taking the field as Olympic athletes in our sport.”
“It’s a sad day for everyone in our sport who has dedicated their lives to getting softball in the Olympic Games. It took over 30 years to get softball on the Olympic program the first time so we are going to do whatever is necessary to see that it is back on the program in 2016.”
“Softball has been recognized as an Olympic sport since 1991 and was included on the Olympic program in 1996. The sport is currently at an all-time high in world wide participation and television coverage. In an effort to continue the growth of softball, the Amateur Softball Association will be hosting the first-ever World Cup of Softball, July 14-18 in Oklahoma City, Okla. The top five teams from the 2004 Olympic Games including the USA, Australia, Japan, China and Canada will compete in this prestigious event. Games from the World Cup will be televised not only domestically but also internationally.”
“The Amateur Softball Association is committed to working with the International Softball Federation in its efforts to regain a spot on the 2016 Olympic program. There is no doubt the...

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The olympics are lame :P
Jo Canadian
Perhaps the Olympics need to reform. Hold them like they used to, keep it in Greece and let women participate too, and EVERYONE will be Nekked!!
Now your talking get the drugs out too
Well I heard they are keeping beach volleyball because "Beach Volleyball" is a popular "sport" to watch (not to mention barely dressed people).

The reason baseball is gone is because of of MLB drug policy and that none of the MLB players participate and I guess outside of America, Japan and Cuba and a few other carribian countries it is not all that popular.

I do not understand why removing softball though, that makes no sense.

Do they still have that "awsome sport" called trampoline? *snicker*
I think not
They should give gold medals to the horses for equestrian
As it has been awarded to london,why not make Darts an olympic event?
They should give gold medals for the person that has consumed the most steriods :P
While I'm in one of my non P.C. moments,I am wondering if the debt on our Expo 67 was ever paid off?

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