Ahenakew unapologetic after conviction


Ahenakew unapologetic after conviction

Friday, July 8, 2005 Updated at 10:04 PM EDT
From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Saskatoon — Disgraced former aboriginal leader David Ahenakew was unapologetic and combative after he was convicted yesterday of promoting hatred against Jews, blaming the media, a judicial system he called racist and the Jewish community for his predicament.

“I hope my trial has revealed some of the frustration and pain of my people. . . . If an Indian slips a little bit, you are crucified,” the 71-year-old former leader of the Assembly of First Nations told reporters, adding that he intends to appeal the ruling.

Provincial Court Judge Marty Irwin ruled that Mr. Ahenakew was willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group when he told a reporter in Saskatoon on Dec. 13, 2002, that the Jews were a “disease” and Hitler was trying to “clean up the world” when he “fried six million of those guys” during the Second World War.

“To suggest that any human being or group of human beings is a disease is to invite extremists to take action against them,” the judge said in his 20-page decision.

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Legal experts have called this case an important and provocative test of the country's hate-crime laws, which have traditionally tried to balance free-speech rights against protection of equality and minority rights. Mr. Ahenakew is believed to be the first member of a visible minority group convicted under the laws.

Besides railing about his conviction, for which he was fined $1,000, Mr. Ahenakew noted that authorities unfairly began the process of removing him as a member of the Order of Canada before a verdict was reached.

“This, of course, was the direct result of the pressure put on the [Governor-General's] advisory committee by some of the Jewish community, including a letter-writing campaign and the lobbying by the Canadian Jewish Congress,” he said. On his lapel was the Order of Canada pin he received in 1978.

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I was about to suggest that he must have been drunk when he made those starements,but then,I would just be furthering the old stereotype about Indians.
And then we would have to charge you with a hate crime....

I like this line from the link in the first post...

"“To suggest that any human being or group of human beings is a disease is to invite extremists to take action against them,” the judge said in his 20-page decision.

Well then I ask...where is the action...it’s been quite awhile now since those remarks were stated...where is the action?

Welcome to Canada...from one silly sea to the other...
Let's see! Ayear or so ago,some vandals spray painted the Nazi symbols all over the tombstones at our Jewish Cemetary on Westmorland Road[and there was talk of a hate crime]. P.S. I've only had one Native Canadian acquaintance and she was a total drunk.
Jo Canadian
Yeah, I posted this the other day in another thread...to sum it up:


You know, having been raised in a totally native environment I certainly do sympathize with particular issues that they face. In this particular case I'm getting a little tired about the Racist card being played. It's misdirection at it's best, "You're calling me a racist...Well you're being racist for pointing that out."

Gimme a break. I was listening to **** like that in Grade school.

Ahenakew found guilty of promoting hatred; fined $1,000
Reverend Blair
They pulled his order of Canada too. I think that's a good thing since he was given it for fighting racism.
Jo Canadian
...Besides the stereotype of being drunk is a little complicated.

Their Physiology reacts to alcohol much differently than in non native persons. I don't know why, but their more extreme reaction is what re-enforces the stereotype. I'd go drinking with my buddies and when having consumed the same amount I may be getting a little buzzed, and certain individuals will be totally trashed and will act much differently. Other than that, white people drink more than them anyways, they've had about 5000 years or so to become physiologically adapted to consume more alcohol, wheras native americans have had only about 600 to 100* years of exposure.

*The Inuit were the last in line to add alcohol into their society.
I watched a bit of a press conference that Ahenakew held, and he was trying to liken his situation to mistreatment of his people. Has nobdy pointed out to this man that a white person would be stripped of the Order of Canada before the trial began. What Ahenakew really is, is a reverse racist, who hates all that are not native, or beneficial to his financial or social status to know. I'd love to slap that man
A Governor General picked for her race (or lack of being a particular race) takes away The Order of Canada, because someone says something the establishment doesn't agree with...

This is diversity at work….

If I had been charged with this sort of nonsense, and I held the Order of Canada, I would have promptly deposited it in the toilet on the way out of the court house…

Hey Jay Hows the weather out there today .The wife should be there in about 5 hours
Adrianne only has two more months in her term of office,a new GG should be named any day now.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Hey Jay Hows the weather out there today .The wife should be there in about 5 hours

It's hot out here...really hot.

The wife is coming to Ontario? Where abouts?
T.O. she's there for some training for a couple of days
I would offer to pick her up at the air port etc, but I don't live in T.O.

Next time she's in Ontario, you should come too, stop in London and I will show you how to drink....
That is a deal dude .The wife wants me to come out with her on her next trip so I'll let you no
Cool....I will have milk and cookies ready for you..
I think not
Careful mrmom, he's going to ask you for a walk on the beach :P Well a lake where he is
Quote: Originally Posted by missile

Adrianne only has two more months in her term of office,a new GG should be named any day now.

And she's off on sick leave, the supreme court justice is doing her job right now. Let's start a snorefully boring t/v show, so we can all have turns being GG, Adrienne Clarkson Presents drove mecrazy . It was the bane of my non cable existence
Ahenakew's comments about Jews were pretty horrible. I would think that he, an aboriginal person, would have more sympathy for victims of genocidal acts and extreme persercution.

He and his supporters are a disgrace to First Nations and he has failed in his role as a leader, an elder, and an example to younger generations.
It is strange he said these things....
Jo Canadian

Reverend Blair

It is strange he said these things....

I've known the guy since I was a kid. He has multiple connections to my family, and used to come to my grandparents place regularly. When this first happened, I was shocked. I know that he's eaten supper with us when my lone Jewish relative was there. He was always the most gentle, understanding man. I thought there must be something wrong, so when this first happened I checked with some other people who know Dave.

Apparently he's always had a streak of racism in him, especially against Jews. It's gotten more prominent as he's gotten older, so his age and diabetes likely played a part in it coming out in public, but a lot of people who know him better than we thought we did aren't all that surprised.

It's sad.

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