Sydney Crosby to Switzerland?

Sidney Crosby, junior hockey phenom and the anticipated "next big star" in the NHL is apparently considering playing for a team in the Swiss League because they may be willing to pay him more than he would get in the "new" NHL as a rookie.

I think Crosby and his agent better be careful. I believe Crosby has already signed a couple of lucrative endorsement deals, and I'm sure those companies did not sign him to that cash so he can ply his trade in Switzerland. It will be interesting to see how these companies react if Crosby does in fact jump to the Swiss League for the cash. Then again, I suspect that this might just be a stunt by Crosby and his agent to try to pressure the NHL into relaxing the restrictions on entry-level NHL contracts before the new labour agreement is sign, sealed, and delivered.

Damein Cox of the Toronto Star wrote an interesting article on this issue which can be found at the Toronto Star website (
Over paid spoiled athletes who cares :P I hope the NHL folds up and dies .I''d like to see a Canadian hockey league with affordable prices and players who are interested in playing for their money not floating like the do in the NHL

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