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Canadian licenses have been granted this week to a possible 3 companies who want to provide us with top quality and nearly ad free radio programming.As it's the same idea as cable TV,with monthly fees and an outlay of cash for a new radio-I am not in the market for this. Is the average Canadian?
I don't need it. I have cd's, mp3's and like the local talk radio and my trusty 8 track.

At home I listen to talk radio or radio over the net.
Reverend Blair
It seems that the major market will be car radios, from what I've heard. Most of the options are available in people's homes now.

I don't know that it will have too much of an impact right away if that's the case...I'd have to spend a lot more time driving before I'd consider subscribing. It is something I might have considered when I was on the road all the time though.
I could see long distance Truckers or people who travel a lot by car. It would be useful in areas where there is no local radio but then again people have CD's and home made mp3's, so I do not know how it is going to go, but if all new vehicles have it installed when you purchase one, that would help Satellite radio get more customers.
Reverend Blair
You still have to pay for the subscription though. For the short amount of time a lot of spend in our cars it isn't really worth the price.
The concept of advertisment free radio is what attracts many to using the various interent sources for music. Having the option open for mobile use is working very well in other countries and as usual Canada lags far behind in this area instead of being in the forefront as we should be. I probably will not bother with running out and getting a digital radio installed in my car but I suspect as a promotion attraction in the future new vehicles will have the option of a "so many months free" or long term package offers for radio service that comes with the purchase as dealers parry for sales.....
I honestly would go for it. I really cannot remember the last time I've acutally listened to standard radio. Think the last time was when we have the big blackout, and we had nothing else to do! I listen to internet radio all day at work just because of the fact it's commercial free. I pay for an online subscription for the luxury, and it's well worth it. I listen mainly to MP3's in my car or nothing at all. At home, I listen to the radio over my digital cable. Now, if only TV were like that... well worth the extra cash!!
I just can't justify paying for radio. If I want someone else to pick the music, I'll listen to commercial crap or cbc, depending on my mood and time of day.

Otherwise, I'll listen to my own choices, from cds and mp3s. It's truly a triumph of marketing, that you can get people to pay you a monthly fee to listen to music.
I just heard on radio that the cabinet is going to ask CRTC to rescind their decision that approved satellite radio. Like wtf? .The radio station CKNW in Vancouver does not have a link up yet and I can't find a link anywhere yet. Anyone else hear this? Just announced 2 minutes ago. I am listening to see if I hear more. I sure in hell hope they dont ask them to rescind it.

WINNIPEG The federal government is ready to ask the CRTC to rescind its decision to licence satellite radio, sourcers have told The Canadian Press.

On June 16, the broadcast regulator granted the first satellite radio licences to Sirius - a consortium of Radio-Canada and Standard Radio - and a company called Canadian Satellite Radio.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission also allowed CHUM and Astral to offer digital services that will migrate to satellite after 2010.

The decisions upset the Quebec artistic community, which complained that only 10 per cent of the future 200-channel satellite service will be Canadian, and just 2.5 per cent will be francophone.

The government has until Sept. 14 to announce its decision whether it will ask that the licences be revoked.


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