Like Rats leaving a Sinking Ship

Bush's buddys are all leaving I wonder why (external - login to view)
I think not
Ocean Breeze
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Bush's buddys are all leaving I wonder why (external - login to view)

one has to assume that they don't want to be anywhere to be found when the sh** hits the fan.

wouldn't dismiss the possibility.
I think not
Some of you need to a get a grip that 9/11 was concocted by the current US(G). They are way to inept to pull something like this off.
You're right ITN.

To understand conspiracy is to learn how to make it work.

As a test of understanding, perhaps, go through all the mechanics of what it would take to pull the biggest trick on the world. People actually think that's easy.

Let this be an assignment for those who love the George Carlin comedy of conspiracies.

Start a hoax, a really big hoax, so big that it would cause you serious pain if you were found out.

That's your assignment.

May Allah be with you.
Reverend Blair
Which may be why their story doesn't make much sense.
You have your assignment REV.

Pull off a hoax. Pick 100 people. Make the conspiracy a crime so you have something to lose. And make sure you trust those 100 people not to give you up as the mastermind if they get caught doing something stupid along the way.

See how easy it is.

Step 1.

Reverend Blair
What does this assignment pay, Jimmy? What's the expense account like? I don't work for free, you know.
LOL !!

Oh for crying out loud, conspiracies don't start out this way, with you asking publicly.


This is your first lesson on the mechanics of a conspiracy, grasshopper.
I think not
You know Jim, Rev would be exceptionally good at it. He's very well read. Dam Rev, PM me your fee, I have a great idea
Reverend Blair
You'd be surprised, Jimmy.
Uh oh.

Looks like the first lesson was learned.

Oh no.

Oh no no no no no

Oh holy bejeeezus.
Reverend Blair

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