Michael Jackson Verdict In

I think not
Well I'm going to play the stereotypical American and let ya'll know that I just heard on the radio that the Michael Jackson verdict is imminent.

I'll wait to hear the verdict, anyone want to place a bet? :P
I think not
I'll ban myself for 24 hours if he's acquitted. :P
See Yah!
Everybodys dumping on you tonight ITN :P I want you to stay though
I think not
Yes but like I said, nobody took the bet, there were no bookies around, everyone was watching the verdict :P
Celebrity Justice strikes again. The defense strategy seems to be smothering the jury with other celebrity testimony; or in some cases, non-testimony. B.S. baffles brains!
In the end, however, the larger question goes unanswered: Who Cares?
hehehe I always liked leghorn foghorn...

I guess that mean his plastic surgeon Dr.cocklecarrot will be back in business if he goes free
Has any celebrity ever gone to jail in California? Ithought Jackson wpuld be found innocent on most of the charges,but convicted of giving alcohol to minors
He was found innocent in a court of law so that is that. Having poor plastic surgery or sleeping in a bed with children isn't a crime and it should be used to speculate that other crimes being committed.

Everyone had a theory, a suspicion, but when it came to proving it and present facts and evidence, they couldn't.

Leave the poor man alone. He is odd, but who cares.

I commend the jury, even though many thought he was guilty, they said that he was not proven guilty.
Ya sure dax fax is okay for little kids to sleep in the same bed with a strange man in his fourties. I am locking this thread instead of deleting it...we do not need two threads on the same topic.

cheers and beers

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