The Cocaine Curler

Joe Frans,the second on Wayne Middaugh's Ontario team,has been suspended for two years after testing positive for cocaine use.I can't wait till they start testing those horseshoe pitchers
Does coke enhance curling skills? I don't think sports should be an excuse to enforce the drug war. Last I checked, having coke in your system isn't illegal, and it shouldn't help you curl, so what's the problem. The Tragically Hip doesn't lose its record contract if any of them test positive for coke, so why in sports when it's not an enhancement? Ross Rebagliatti was allowed to keep his gold even though he tested positive for weed because it wasn't a performance enhancing drug, the same should go here.
Reverend Blair
The only drug known to improve curling skills is beer. I can't even believe they are testing these guys.
And slo-pitch skills as well

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