Sad news coverage

As an Alabama teen stays missing while her friends and family frantically worry, CNN News headline today was stupid Micheal Jackson. I was waiting for the info from the Aruban press conference that was being held LIVE while they sat and discussed his sore back. What is more important here?

I have also heard more about Paris Hilton's engagement today than about the teen's press conference.

I would have thought a missing child would be more important that Paris Hilton's two million dollar diamond. Christ.
Jo Canadian
Priorities man.

It seems in the states why dwell on the bad news if it doesn't affect you? Worrying about others is not the mainstream thing. Now Gossip on people everybody knows (ie. celebreties) that's news!

Speaking of which, I saw a promo for a new *hack* reality show on Do you want to be a Hilton or some fluff like that?

The real sad part about it all though is that nothing like that would be put on the air if there wasn't a demand for it. More folks would rather watch Maury, or Dr. Phil than the news. It's not much different in Canada either, my own sister is a victim to shows like that.
Wheres the cartoon Jo :P
Jo Canadian
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Wheres the cartoon Jo :P

I'm working on it, I got sent to a different department whilest posting the origional one. NOW I am truly in hell. A cartoon shall soon follow...Never mind that. The systems I'm on won't allow me to bring up graphic properties....dammit.

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