Fox News viewership loses half it's viewers

LOL !!

Actually I'm waiting for Yoda, Obi One Kenobi and Captains Kirk and Piquard to run a politics show and take callers.

Darth Vader will be allowed but only offscreen and fulfill the show's necessity for an occasional crank call.

How else can light exist unless there is dark?
How else can a mountain be without a valley?
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmoyer

Nobody I've seen on TV or on Radio is as bad as they are demonized to be.

That goes for Dan Rather, Bill O'Reilly, Al Franken.

Heck, I've even seen Lou Dobbs on CNN actually interview Ann Coulter and both had class and style but you wouldn't believe it if you hadn't have seen it.

But Ann Coulter is the worst of the lot and likes it that way.

I know you all know and hate the sound bite, but you're all showing proof of the sound bite's persuasive impact.

I watched that, and yes,it was a good piece.Lou Dobbs rules!
Wow !!

Somebody actually saw that Lou Dobbs interview of Ann Coulter ???

We might be the only two on the planet that ever saw Ann Coulter actually be reasonable and most only because Lou Dobbs has class and depth and Ann Coulter knows it and paid respect for the points made.
Jo Canadian
Jo Canadian
Please excuse me but...what a cow!
Jo Canadian
And yet she looks so innocent.

Reverend Blair
I usually use another term for her, but it also begins with c, so what the hell.

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