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Vanni Fucci
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This is a terrible story. Sadly I understand it too well. My son is 16 with a 15 year old g/f. Her mom hates my boy and makes it difficult if not impossible for them to see each other. She also finds it beyond amusing the trials they go through to be together. She makes a great deal of effort to keep them apart and I just know this will blow up in her face. These kids are in LOVE and teen love is soooo powerful that no parent will come between them. I can only imagine the plan these kids will come up with.

Let's hope it isn't a suicide pact.

I would think, Greta, that in offering them safe haven for their romantic designs, they would more likely enjoy their time under your protection rather than trudge off into the woods with a hunting rifle. Which is a good thing, because, not only are they not dead, but you will have their permission for you to keep an eye on them, and not let things go too far...
I remember this day very clearly, I was 19 when this happened. Rob was my best friend, he was supposed to meet me and some friends at a field to play football. He never showed up, and now I know why. I guess I always knew, I just didn't want to admit it.

You would think after 20 years this news wouldn't be that much of a blow, but it is. At least I have closure, even though it is not what I wanted.

I will always love him like a brother, and I have the memories.

Did I fail him? I feel sick thinking about it.

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