Kitty money!

Jo Canadian
Does anyone find that this judgement goes way over the line? I like cats...always had them, but...

Judge awards $45,480 in cat's death (external - login to view)
Maybe I should get a cat.

BWHAAAAAA haaaaa!! oops! twinks will get me for that
that's it....i am keeping an eye on you....
Fine! Just as long its not mom's avatar eye, your using

twinks will get me for that

Of course I will Pea. Just let me get my monopoly game out. did you want that in $500.00 dollar bills?

I heard about this lady... she's like 70yrs old. the dog has been molesting the neighbourhood for awhile. Or at least complaints have been lodged. She didn't want the money. She wanted the owners to take responsibility for their dog. I've heard that Chow's can be unpredictable. Course I've heard the same about kids. And cats. Actually I've heard the same thing about myself!
Well they do award exessive awards in America.

But that dog should not of been in a position to go into her back yard and kill her cat.

It is not the dogs fault but the irresponsible owners.

I do not know what a fair value would be for a cat but I do know so many people consider their pets as part of the family or even as an extra child. So many cats (and dogs)keep older and single people company. It can be devasting when a beloved pet dies. So maybe 48,000 is not out of line.

Plus that amount may be a future deterrent for people who do not keep their dogs under control?
Jo Canadian
I've always had cats around. They are like children. I can definetly understand the mental anguish in losing them. I find that this ruling to be strange though. If it was intentional or the dog owner was careless then I could see a reason for this. But it was out of his control...well he wasn't in town at least.

Accidents do happen, our neighbours dog in Athabasca got hold of our 19 yr old cat and that was a sad affair. It broke it's leash and hung around its house, Patches was sunning herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the owners were there watching it all not doing anything...or even enjoying it yes! I'd drain them of 45000 if I could (that's more than I make in a year) but in this case it is out of everybodys hands.

The only thing this particular ruling would do is open a pandoras box of problems for the judicial system and tax money with an influx in people trying to cash in on pet issues. Some would be legit, but I bet 90% would be at least opportunism.

Mind you If any of my cats met a similar type of fate with a carless dog owner, that owner would be digging a bigger grave than I would.
I like birds, thats why I have no cat twinks, monopoly on line, are you ready for the poor house

are you ready for the poor house

Ready for it?!?!? I had no idea I'd left it.
Dogs are not natural cat haters. Dogs are like children. They must be trained. Taught. I do not tolerate children killing cats. And I would not tolerate a dog that kills cats.

I might tolerate a dog that bites children who kill or torture cats.
I can guarantee that dogs are natural postman biters. I think its something in the uniform that attracts them[dognip,perhaps?]

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