2 Surrey girls abducted by their estranged father

They have since been returned to their mother.

After their father took them across the border without ID and in a stolen vehicle.

And our border security is lacking? I know that had he been something more closely resembling middle eastern in looks he would never have made it past those Crack US border security guards.

After all the senior citizens of middle eastern discent that tried to cross last week were hauled out of their vehicle and placed in handcuff's. I wonder how many terrorists in North America are over 65yrs old these days?
what? that is pretty outrageous. but - i want to know more about the people who were detained last week? never heard about that one.....
It is pretty outragous he was able to get through border. I thought (and I may be wrong) but aren't you suppose to have the other parents permission to take children across the border? Like a note or a phone number so the other parent can either confirm or deny permission for kids to cross? For some reason I thought they tightened up rules about taking underage kids over the line.

I remember when I was 10 or 11 (1977 or 197 and went to Bellingham with my Grandparents they were put through the "wringer" so to speak, by U.S. customs . They even asked them to take out their wallets to see if they had a picture of me in it. Wanted parents location and number. But we got through after 10 minutes. I would of assumed today they would be as vigilant if not more since 9/11.
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