I thought I'd seen it all.....

Will have to do that I still have my ways out
Ten Packs
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I don't think it qualifies as a tournament, Ten Packs, as it's a gymnastics competition.

Got that, but the City has REALLY done a lot to drum up ANYTHING invoving teams, partners, whatever - in SPORTS in the last 10 or so years.... I initially thought they were betting on the wrong horse, but I can't say that now. For instance, you wouldnt believe the number of BONSPIELS that happen here, winter AND summer!
I have an aquaintance who owns one of the largest hotels downtown (the Thompson), and he says it is a BIG asset to his business.
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Will have to do that I still have my ways out

A deal! Not sure when.... I would have to get a "tracker" to show me the way past the turn-off to Batchelor Heights, these days.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ten Packs

I have an aquaintance who owns one of the largest hotels downtown (the Thompson)...

Oh sure... Tell me that now... AFTER we've booked elsewhere.

I might have tried to hit you up for a good rate. Think the desk would be impressed if I said I knew Ten Packs?

Second thought... they might have charged me double. :P
Ten Packs
Oh Derek is an ULTRA-conservative! He has oft told how he enjoyed a trip he took back in the late 90's on what he called the "Gloat-Boat", in the Caribbean with numerous Republicans (including Newt Gingrich, who he has personally chatted with). Not sure you would get a "cut" on rates.

Although! Back about ten years ago, when my wife and I were a bit strapped (2 kids in College), he DID "comp" us a long weekend at one of his "cabins" at Lac Le Jeune - he also owns THAT resort.


Log HOUSE! Probably 1000 sq. feet, with an upstairs. Lake access. Fire-wood storage, out the back door about 15 feet. A young lady came by around 11:00 to make our bed up. Yeah, THAT was hard to take!!!
Everything from a Stereo to a fully-equipped Kitchen; micro-wave and all, nicer Living-room furniture than I have. . . I would have KILLED to have owned that place, if I could go south for the winter.
(Lac Le Jeune can get snow from October to May.... Rev might think that's okay, but as we all know, he is kinda "diddled-in-the-head".)

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