I watched some bimbo entertainment host say that The Beatles were the first boy band in pop history. This is just my opinion,but she should be hung,then drawn and quartered!
Jo Canadian
I think they should be drawn and quartered. The Beatles were one of the first POPular bands. Boy bands were made from those that capitalized on the beatles popularity and broke down their success into the formula that most boy bands consist of. The only thing in common was that the Beatles had five young male members in the band. The one thing they didn't use in the formula was that the Beatles actually played thier insruments and had more talent than just acting.

I think the Monkies were the first guinea pigs on the boy band formula, they had the magazines and the TV show and all the crap that goes with that schtick. I find them to be quiet similar to todays Backdoor boys and N-suhc.
Yeah,The Beatles had been playing professionally for some time before Brian Epstein found them and tried to mold them into his idea of a group[similar haircuts,suits,etc.] I hate to call boy bands real,because every aspect of the act is scripted..I hate them all!

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