Horrific Attack!

Police have revealed the horrific details of the attack on young mum Abigail Witchalls.

They have told how she fled from her attacker before he took hold of her toddler son and held a knife to his throat.

The man then motioned to Mrs Witchalls to move towards him, which she did, he grabbed her hair, forced her to the ground and stabbed her in the back of the neck.

Speaking at a press conference, Detective Superintendent Adrian Harper has appealed for help finding Mrs Witchalls' attacker.

He told reporters how she first exchanged glances with the man at about 3.45pm on Wednesday last week, as he drove past her in a blue estate car.

She was walking along a deserted country lane in Little Bookham, Surrey.

Moments later she became anxious when the car returned, parked near her and the man got out.

Mrs Witchalls put her son into his buggy and walked "with purpose" towards a gate in the lane.

The man followed and she began to run towards the gate but on reaching it she was unable to open it.

The stranger caught up with her and picked up her child, 20-month-old Joseph, threatening him.

After stabbing Mrs Witchalls, the attacker tipped the buggy, with Joseph still in it, on top of her.

This is just appauling- it's the type of thing you expect to see in a movie! The woman is now paralysed and, no doubt, her and the baby are hugely traumatised from the whole incident. I hope they find the mad man who did this, he clearly is not right in the head and shouldn't be free to do this again.
Frappuccino Dibs
Holly crap! What a nasty git.

What the hell can make a person do something so hidious!
The chances of a complete stranger attack are really slim.

Maybe her ex husband hired him? It's seems like a strange thing for any type of killer to do. psycologically speaking.
You've got to be pretty messed up to do that!
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