Weird Accidents That Put Us In Hospital..... (Weird Accidents)

Col Man

Lightning strikes down 50

More than 50 people were admitted to hospital after being struck by lightning in the past year and two people were injured by centipedes.

These are just some of the reasons people went to hospital as revealed on a list of weird and wonderful accidents in the last 12 months.

No fewer than 22 suffered mishaps involving nightwear either from setting them alight by accident or getting tangled up and nearly strangled.

The Department of Health data also included people requiring hospital treatment in the United Kingdom for accidents which happened overseas.

There were nearly a million people seen by emergency hospital staff in the 12 months to April 2004.

Six had been stung by scorpions, along with the 451 stung by hornets and 24 bitten by rats.

The house was no haven, with nine needing treatment for accidents with their beds and 22 exposed to "ignition or melting of nightwear" usually due to cigarettes or faulty electric blankets.

Other unusual problems included nine people who experienced "accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed" and a child who attended hospital after a "prolonged stay in a weightless environment".

Among more unusual accidents, those involving tools such as hammers affected 4,115 people, while around 2,000 more fell out of trees.

The data for admissions also included 138 people who had foreign objects left in their bodies following surgery.
Col Man
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Then,there's that unlucky motorist who gets a frozen sausage through his windshield and into his nose.
Jo Canadian
Let's not forget my favourite: "Darwin awards" (external - login to view)

Then there's: (external - login to view) (external - login to view) (external - login to view)
Well if you Canadians weren't be such show offs then maybe there wouldn't be any "weird accidents" which are all coverups. Why I call Canadians show offs? Because you take every possible opprutunity to try to gain fame and honor. Fame, Honor and Prestige is all Canadians value and live for if you exclude money and power.

Why did the Canadian get struck by lightining?? Because the Canadian wanted to be one of those superherores from the movies, so the Canadian decided to dress up as one, find a crime scene, and climb the tallest building available on the site to make a grand opening "justice speech" just like the heroes do on TV. Got struck by lighting? or is nature simply pissed about how cliched Canadians are? Using the most cheesy and cliched lines from corny TV shows over and over and over again.

Canadians have this really uncontrollable desire to be famous and horibbley cliched for some reason.

Once a Canadian bus driver missed my stop and telling everyone that "the enemies of justice" needs to be "vanquished" and that he got a call from "heavenly services" that they are under seige. The Canadian also told his passengers that "saving the world and vanquishing evil" should always come first. This example is what I mean by cliched, really you Canadians sure do love talking like this do you??

You try to become a bigshot and when you fail you whine to the media with all this "oh woe is me" BS. Canadians love to play victims and deny their sins. But hey, being a victim is a highly valued status these days, especially in Canada. Quit abusing and exploiting the victim status for no reason you cliched Canadians.

Oh and quit thinking that by "saving the day" that you will be rewarding with a date. Please understand the difference between reality and TV.

Quit being cliched superheroes and using cliched lines if you want to avoid these so called "weird accidents". Thinking that you are superman and jumping off a skyscraper hoping that the "wings of justice" will lift you near the bottom certainly won't work. And the only reason why the crime rate is so low in Canada is because these "self proclaimed" "pacificts" sure knows how to kick ***.

Not to mention that they follow a policy of NO MERCY!! "defeat", and "surrender" is not acceptable to Canadians as long as you have a pulse. Why would anyone commit a crime in a country like this??

The Canadian government even changed the words "mass extermination sites" to so "prisons and jails" and "torture chambers" to "detention centers" as to hide their attrocities from the public. Canadians don't take prisoners. The government considers inmates as a financial liability and we all know that Canadians love to put money first right?

And to top it off, most Canadians are in a bad financial sitiuation nowadays.

Canadians go out of their way and sink to the level of evil in order to "serve justice". Only a fool would even dare to rob from a Canadian. The punishment at the hands of a Canadian are so so so so bad that it just aint worth it.

Hurting people to become famous is a Canadian custom.
Hey that seventies boy why don't you go play with your star wars action figures :P :P :P
Ten Packs
cool jedi - just WTF are you on, anyway? You better quit whatever it is, before they take you away....
Jo Canadian
Actually Jedi, if you have any left I'd love some.
Hallucinogens will make my job here so much easier...and fun. But I don't want the stuff that makes you mad, you can have that.
Its the Canadian beer. Made In Canada. So if anything happens, just blame Canada. One drink and it will reveal you all the secrets about Canada.
Jo Canadian
Beer does make people pissed off when overconsumed.

Might I suggest a joint?
I would bet the Rev would argue that one with you Jo :P
Back to weird accidents........

A friend from Langford BC had been drinking and was going to have another friend drive his 4X4 home.

They both got into the vehicle with the sober one at the wheel. During the ascent into the vehicle drunk friend lost his baseball hat. He reached down to pick it up. Lost his balance. landed on his head and died.

True story.
Jo Canadian

I would bet the Rev would argue that one with you Jo

Possible, but through expierience I've found that the latter causes less...erm, problems. For example:

I've been to many native parties and when alchohol is exclusivley drunk there's always: fighting, crying, puking

Partying with the same people but when we've only had weed...Everyone has fun and gets along.

Now physiologically everybody's different and there may be some people who have an adverse reaction to weed, but the ratio between alcoholic anger and MJ anger is a big difference.

And to keep on topic:

According to a story in the Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Advocate, Esther Walker of Livingston Parish is suing Nintendo, claiming that her son Benjamin Walker, 30, suffered a seizure that caused his death, because he played on his Nintendo 64 game system eight hours a day, six days a week, since he bought it. Walker purchased his Nintendo 64 in May 1999, and then bought 10 more games in the weeks that followed.
According to Esther Walker's lawsuit, "Benji" Walker had six seizures as a result of the game. The sixth one happened on January 22, 2001. According to the lawsuit, ". . . Benjamin passed out, fell forward and hit his head and mouth on a table, which caused a severe closed head injury, loss of teeth, and moderate bleeding." Walker died in the hospital on January 26th, 2001.
The lawsuit also says that Walker had his first seizure in September 1999, and had five subsequent seizures over the next 17 months while playing the games. Esther Walker claims that Nintendo produced a defective product, but failed to give any adequate warnings about the health risks.

Quote has been trimmed
jo - that was way too good! nintendo 64 - is that the old one in the gray box? ha!
Jo Canadian

The McDonald's fast food chain, often a target of goofy lawsuits, has settled a lawsuit brought by an American woman who claimed she was disfigured by an extremely hot pickle. That's right -- a hot pickle.

Veronica Martin filed a lawsuit claiming $110,000 damages for medical bills, lost wages and mental pain and anguish. She claimed she suffered a second degree burn on her chin after a "scalding hot" pickle (not to be confused with scalding hot coffee) fell from one of several small hamburgers which she and her husband bought from a McDonald's restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Her husband, not to be left out of the action, also sued for $15,000, saying that he had been deprived of the services and companionship of his wife.

The lawsuit contended that the pickle was "defective and unreasonably dangerous" to the customer. What the hell is a defective pickle, anyway?

The court papers say the case was settled to avoid the time and expense of a trial and was in no way an admission of liability on the part of McDonald's. This isn't the first time nor the last time the fast food giant has been burned in the courts before.

What is not clear is whether McDonald's will now advise people that one of the consequences of not eating their hamburgers properly is that their spouses may be deprived of consortium and companionship.
I think not
Tell her to use Vodka and black underwear, it may get her husbands attention.
Reverend Blair
I guess that's the real Significance of the Pickle. Arlo Guthrie was so far ahead of his time...

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