Poli-Corr hits Cookie Monster

Ten Packs
OK, it's not exactly the most important story of the week but people sure have strong opinions about the news that Cookie Monster's will cut back on his namesake treats.

Even the most vocal critics seem to agree that skyrocketing childhood obesity is a major problem -- they just don't think that changing a ravenous muppet's eating habits is part of the solution.

A sampling of the commentary from around the Web:

* Robert Paul Reyes @ Useless-Knowledge.com: "The "Cookie Monster" has been emasculated. The formerly fearsome monster is now a wimpy shill for healthy eating. His 'C is for cookie' song has been replaced with a new song -- 'A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food.' God, what is the world coming to? That's like Lil' Kim singing, 'I'm a sometimes ****.'"

* New York Post: "What next? Broccoli Monster? Can we expect Oscar crawling into a recycling bin? Bert and Ernie on the joys of civil unions?" (It's part of the intro to a very amusing Q&A with the big CM himself.)

* Scott Kurtz's PvP: "Somebody please put a gun to my head and pull the trigger." (Also check out his further commentary in comic strip form.)

* Scared Monkeys: "What is the name of all things scared to my youth has PBS done now? Surely there must be another way to explain to children about eating healthy other than destroying my childhood image of the Cookie Monster?"

* Patent Baristas: "What is wrong with America these days? Must we be soooooooo PC that even Sesame Streetís beloved blue furry Cookie Monster needs to be harnessed in and white-washed like so much else in our culture (or now lack thereof)? Yes, it is sad but true."

* Outside the Beltway: "Couldn't Hillary eat an apple while Cookie Monster ate chocolate chips and children given a choice as to which would be the better role model?"

* Musings of a Chick: "Armageddon is surely upon us for the very fabric of our culture has been sullied..."
Jo Canadian
The Cookie Monster goes back to when I was young - and I'm 45. I don't recall kids being overly influenced by this future diabetic creature nor skyrocketing rates of obesity. Maybe kids should get off their asses, stop playing video games and get some exercise!
what.........and miss the cookie monster on tv????
It has nothing to do w/ the subject of the post, but Ten Packs, your avitar is killing me!! It looks just like my kitty that I had to give away.
Ten Packs
Sorry jamie, but I chose it becasue it looks a lot like our cat. If it had a white chest and "boots", it would be a dead-ringer.

Well, except ours would get stuck going through that door. LOL!
Jo Canadian

Will it never end?
www.collegian.psu.edu/archive...ops-column.asp (external - login to view)

They're even taking away the rights and freedom of the cookie monster

It's a good thing Pop-eye ate spinach
Did Popeye eat Spinach? We see that immediately after consuming a green substabce Popeye became agitated, quick to anger and super strong. Spinach was simply a cover for a PCP/Hashish cocktail! You will notice that he frequently injested the substance through his pipe!
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovey


They're even taking away the rights and freedom of the cookie monster

It's a good thing Pop-eye ate spinach


As for the cookie monster and their attempts to change eating habits of kids, they're idiots. Technology has kept kids indoors sitting on their asses and not playing in the street like we used to do. Jo Canadians uploaded pic is hilarious
I wonder when parents will accept a bit of personal responisibility in this debate and acknowledge they must teach their children, through example, that moderation and activity are good things? That would be two birds with one stone in some cases.

Blaming technology and advertising is not entirely right. It plays a part but it comes back to parents allowing their kids to sit at the game console all day long or popping in two/three movies in a row to entertain the kiddies instead of marching them outside. There are many contributing factors but parents are the constant in the equation and they have the final decision when it comes to household rules, not to mention the obligation to enforce the household rules.
Quote: Originally Posted by NickFun

Did Popeye eat Spinach?

So they tell us

I agree wholeheartedly that technology and parenting have a larger role to play than the actual programming itself. I watched the story on the news lastnight and they played a small segment of the "sometimes cookie" monster. It was silly to see him there beside that large bowl of fruit.

Who was it who actually made this decision and were there any sort of cause and effect studies done that actually link the two? Or just the typical ASSumptions?
Jo Canadian
It was ALL Berts fault you know!!

Those cookies were just a side effect of the Marijuana that Bert sold Cookie monster. Just like Elmo's addiction to cocaine, and Grovers addiction to Acid.

www.spacecat.com/bert/bert.htm (external - login to view)

OMG that site is still out there ?!?!?!?! ROFLMAO a true classic!
Jo Canadian
While we're on the Topic of Attacking Childrens figures on PBS...

Jo Canadian

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