Canadians will require passport for US entry

Canadians will require passport for US entry


Canadian travelers will see a phased in requirement to carry passports in the next several years. In a multi-nation initiative to restrict illegal immigration and travel, a passport layer of stricter identification will be introduced for all travel between the tri-nations of Canada, the United States and Mexico by the year 2008.

The United States Department of Homeland Security announced the new rules Monday, requiring the use of passports by tri-nation citizens to cross into US borders.

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(This story was written by me with files from the press)
Pity the folk living on Campobello Island.You have to go through the States to get to the rest of Canada from there and the Border Cops are giving them more than enough trouble now.
Maybe we should toughen up our border to keep the flow of illegal guns coming into Canada. I have no desire to use my passport to go to the States.
I was surprise at the ease with which a decent handgun can be purchased here..seems to be quite a few for sale,too.All you need is the cash!

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