Sad day

just thinking about those four mounties, their families, friends, children. seeing the images of the mounties on their way to the service, so tragic and very sad. my heart goes out to all that are in the services provided to protect us.
Ten Packs
I watched the live coverage of the Parade and Service being put on in Edmonton Alberta today for the four slain Mounties. Pretty impressive, seeing thousands and thousands of Police, marching through the street in enormous blocks of bright Red and others of dark Blue. Very moving...

The CBC commentator remarked that among the ten thousand Police who are attending, there are Police here from every State in the Union - that's much appreciated.

One of the men killed had been on the job for 17 days! Just a kid, when you're my age.... *sigh*

The commentator was also told the story of one Policeman from Boston, who when asked what brought him here, said that he'd (unfortunately) been to many Police funerals, and long ago noticed that there was always a Red Jacket in the crowd. Because of that, when he heard about this Service he decided he HAD to go, and has paid his own way here, on his own time!

That's pretty nice stuff....

MARK MY WORDS! Anyone who has something adverse to say.... would be well-advised to hold it to themselves for another day or so.
I watched it too. I am glad most tv stations covered it. It was very very sad. I sure in hell hope something like that does not happen again in Canada or anywhere else.

I was very impressed how the city of Edmonton and it's residents accommodated the service and how local residences opened up their homes for some of the visiting RCMP and other police constables, so they had a place to stay while they were in town as a lot of hotels were booked for the Brier. Kudo's to Edmonton.
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