US fire on Freed Reporters car

Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by Paco

Then she tells stories of “raining bullets” and “tanks” and “picking up bullets by the handful.” And for the destructive force she describes, one man died of a single shot to the temple and very little damage is noted to the vehicle.

Ahem...they "lost" the car...
Reverend Blair
Well it isn't like they could have known the car would be an important piece of evidence. Oh, wait...a monkey would have known the car was an important piece of evidence. No why would they "lose" something like that?
Here is a couple updates and links on this:

Here (external - login to view) or

here (external - login to view)

Why so much blacked out? What does Bush have to hide?
The amount of money Bush and his friends are making at the expence of the Iraqi people no 1

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