Who knew potheads were so violent?

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Once in a rare while,a Canadian police officer is killed on the job. We do have a few murders every year. The USA has 100's per day,so it's nothing to an American, It probably wouldn't even be written up in the papers because it's not "real" news. Here,the murder of 4 policemen is one big deal,but then, we are basically a nation of law abiding citizens.

It made the news here in Seattle. Lead story on television.
heroin clinics are in a number of european countries and they are what our vancouver clinic was based on.
they work for the reasons you mentioned. if the addicts are getting regular hits that are regulated, they no longer have to resort to crime to support their habit. they have much fewer OD's, because the heroin is stabalized by pharmacists.
the bad guys, no longer have a market to sell their product in. or at least it is drastically diminished.
and yes, many addicts in these controlled situations are able to gain employment and make a functional life for themselves.
obviously the ideal would be to help all addicts be straight. but first the addicts need to want to be straight.
it is ironic, however that millions of dollars are being poured into our vancouver clinic to help ppl get a regulated fixes and yet, for those who want to quit, their is an extreme shortage of beds and help available which results in a long wait list. the result? by the time the beds are available, the addicts has changed their mind.
the clinics also provide counselling and have medical practioners available.
plus, theres also the advantage of clean and fresh needles with every hit. so less transfer of diseases.
mary jane should definately be legal. it's horrible the amount of money spent trying to defeat it.
how in the world did alcohol become legal and mary jane illegal????
i have never known anyone on mary jane who gets behind the wheel of their car and kills people, who commits adultery, who commits assault, who acts like a complete idiot and disrupts the peace.
it is a farce that mary jane is illegal.
and it is not the gateway to other drugs. if there is a gateway, it is alcohol. every body starts with alcohol.
prostitution should be legal as well. like nevada.
clean and safe.
get these items out of the control of the mafia and the like and into the control of the government. lets take the profits and make our country safer and better. less crime, less atrocities. more control.
I think the heroin clinics are an excellent idea too.

I'd also like to see a completely revamped councelling program for them though.

Heroin addicts have a double edge sword when it comes to staying off. It's both physically and emotionally addicting. Not to mention the guilt these addicts have to deal with once they get clean......Imagine the guilt they must feel...and then not have heroin to cover it back up again...

Heroin destroys the brains ability to create dopamine. My ex attended rehab for heroin addiction. He couldn't sleep for days and every little knock or bang caused excruciating pain. Methadone is a joke. It's like fake smokes. Funnily enough he never smoked pot. Didn't like the stone. Didn't make as much money of it as he did selling blow or heroin.

One of the worst things were the councellors who want to build the addicts self esteem but only give the addict the tools for denying their roll in addiction.

Needless to say my ex is still a user. Still serving federal time for crimes committed to keep the pain away. Is practicing maintenance not obliteration. can't keep job. Can't work for any length of time. can't function. Teeth rotting. Esphogus (sp?) damaged (from throwing up) has lost touch with his daughter. Has a $20 thousand dollar debt to Family Maintenance. has enough guilt to work through to make any catholic blanche.

Course none of it is his fault. It's all because of his mother. The cops.the courts. but not his fault. Thanks to the councelling he's received. The provincial and federal prison system. and heroin.

I wait for the call to say he's dead. Either OD or debt collection. I hope it happens while my daughter is young and before he's decided he must have a relationship with her so she can maintain the memories of when he was a good dad and not have those memories usurped by memories of broken promises. constant imprisonment and heartache.

end of my rant. Anyone want to use my soap box?
Ten Packs
Sorry to hear that, twila - you're a strong lady, with quite the load to bear. Salut!

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