Erect frog on Dobson kiddie site
By Bob Cesca
Dr. James Dobson is on a homophobic crusade against SpongeBob for promoting tolerance towards the gay community.

However, I clicked over to Dobson's Family.org website and onto his kiddie section called "Ribbits". Cute enough, except for the frog with the giant erect ***** -- WHAT?! A purple frog with a big ol' woody. Dr. Dobson! An erect purple frog? A horny toad, if you will? Gasp!

Write to Dr. Dobson or simply dial 1-800-A-FAMILY and ask him why he's forcing children to look at frog boners. This is becoming more than a little creepy.

The Dr. James Dobson cartoon characters "Toad" and "Tad" from his kiddie site Ribbits.com each have anatomically correct bulges. The green Dobson frog, "Tad" (right) seems to be calling out to kids to join him... while he sports wood.

You'd think he'd police his own cartoon characters before he (and Stay-Puft Falwell) attacks characters like SpongeBob, the Tele-Tubbies, and the Muppets.